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P-Complex Collection and Procedure is designed and developed by Gigi Ashbeck in conjunction with Esthetics-4-U, Inc. which operates at Harbour Aesthetic Spa in Huntington Beach, CA and showcases the specialized treatments of Medical Aesthetician, Gigi Ashbeck. Gigi’s results driven skin treatments are sought after by women and men throughout the world. The “A” Class reputation of Esthetics-4-U, Inc. is based on dedication to quality and client satisfaction through visible, sustainable results. Our approach to optimal skin care involves using the latest technology combined with proprietary product formulations and customized treatment protocols designed to address individual client needs.

Advanced Technology

P-Complex Collection and Procedure with Esthetics-4-U, Inc. uses medically advanced skin care regiments delivered by highly qualified, experienced aestheticians. All procedures are developed in conjunction with cosmetic dermatologists. Our treatments deliver significant, instantly noticeable results with sustainable improvements realized through a client specific schedule of visits as well as home care regimen. Gigi's time-tested, proven therapies deal with aggressive acne, moderate to severe sun damaged skin, hyper pigmentation, aging skin, rosacea and more.

Ideal Solutions for Busy Professionals

Gigi's P-Complex Collection and Procedure with Esthetics 4 U treatment regiment is tailored to fit the busy schedule of today’s professionals. Delivering effective treatments that value your time is part of our comprehensive goal. Conveniently located at the Harbour Aesthetic Spa in Huntington Harbour, easily accessible to all of Orange County. Additionally, our hours of operation can be very flexible by appointment 7 days per week.

E-4-U, Inc. @ Harbour Aesthetic Spa

16845 Algonquin Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

TEL: 714.658.2766

FAX: 714.840.3693


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